Zipneck + Ziplongs® 3/4 (Women)

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Ziplongs® Wool 3/4 (Women)

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Zipneck Wool (Women)

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Zipneck + Ziplongs® 3/4 (Women)

Free returns within 30 days ✉️

Dress from head to toe in Zipwear™.

With Ziplongs® you don’t have to choose between being too cold or too warm. In the morning when it’s still cold out, start your day with Ziplongs®. When the sun is up and the hill is steep, it just takes a second to stop and change. Voilà: temperature regulation on the go. If you stop for a break, throw ‘em back on – cozy and dry. Combined with our Zipneck you’re all set. It has long arms with thumb-holes for increased durability, an extra long zipper for increased ventilation without removing your jacket, and an extra long torso length so that it stays put in high activity levels.

– Made in Europe
– High-quality merino wool, knit in Lithuania
– Makes your day in the backcountry better. If you don’t believe us: Check this out.
– Read the story behind Ziplongs

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Is the zipper uncomfortable? That is a question we get asked all the time. Luckily, our users unanimously agree; you won’t feel the difference between a Ziplongs® and regular long underwear. The important and hard parts of the zippers are padded, the rest is constructed so that no plastic from the zipper is touching your skin.

Weight: Ziplongs® wool 3/4 (large): ca. 240g. Zipneck (large): ca. 270g.

Fabric: Merino wool from Lithuanian Utenos, 200 gr/M, 73% wool mixed with polyester and elastane for better durability and wicking capabilities. Wool micron: 18,5.

Dressing with Ziplongs® is dressing in a new way. To help you find which zippers go together we have developed a set of color codes:
1. Different zip-color for each leg to easily distinguish left from right.
2. Inside waist seam in different color to distinguish up from down.
PS: Check the crotch for additional information.

Made in Europe: We manufacture our products in Lithuania. We do this to ensure proximity and quality, as well as to reduce our carbon footprint. In addition to this every component of our wool products are from European manufactures. (Except the raw wool that Pontetorto imports from New Zealand and Australia) European production is not cheap, but you’ll get a product with less logged travel miles and long durability. Please wear until worn out.

Zipwear™ has a wide range of uses:

– Alpine touring
– Ice climbing
– Mountain and cross-country expeditions
– Glacier travel
– Cross country skiing
– Hiking
– Sailing
– Commuting…

…and anything else that get’s you out in the cold.

How to wash and care for your wool garments

First of all: Once you receive your Ziplongs®, give yourself a chance to zip them on and off a few times at home before you head out. Putting on your Ziplongs® for the first time takes a little finesse. Read more about the color codes under technical details.

Better ventilation (see photo): Ziplongs® gives you the opportunity to not only remove the Ziplongs® completely,Ziplongs med lufting but also to ventilate more efficiently. If your pants have zippers, open the zippers of both the pants and the Ziplongs®, and you have will have a fresh breeze directly on your skin. Once it gets cold; zip up!

With the Ziplongs® in 3/4 length , make sure you also wear tall socks. That ensures full comfort and no risk of a cold gap between the Ziplongs® and (short) socks.

On really cold days, Ziplongs® also works great between your long johns and outer shell as a midlayer.

Finally, a word on our philosophy: People often think that being warm is all about having enough clothes on. That’s only half the truth. If your baselayer is wet, you’ll get cold no matter how many layers you put on. That’s why the most important aspect of being warm is to be dry. And that’s what Zipwear™ is all about. Remove your Ziplongs® before you start to sweat, and put it back on when you get cold. Or, have two Ziplongs®. Either way you will be dry and comfortable out in the cold with your Zipwear™.

Free returns within 30 days ✉️

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