Tank top Organic Wool & Silk (Women)

A wool tank top suits everything: climbing, fall hiking, playing on skis or as an undershirt at a fancy dinner.


Free returns within 30 days ✉️

72% WOOL
28% SILK
Fabric color

Tank top Organic Wool & Silk (Women)

A wool tank top suits everything: climbing, fall hiking, playing on skis or as an undershirt at a fancy dinner.


Free returns within 30 days ✉️

Tank tops are underestimated as a technical layer. On warmer days as a single layer it breaths like wearing nothing at all, but you’re not completely naked to the elements. In colder climates the tank top works great as a next-to-skin layer, insulating your core and allowing better breathability and range of motion to your arms. A tank top is always a good choice.

Organic wool contributes to better animal welfare, fewer chemicals, less water use and better labor conditions. Read more about other benefits of organic wool here.
Most wool on the market is treated with a polymer treatment. That basically means that there is a plastic coating around the fibers. Our collection is superwash-free.

Wool because it is the gold standard in most situations. Organic because it makes a difference. Silk because it softens, strengthens, and improves wool’s temperature regulating qualities.

The entire collection should match your normal size, but keep in mind that the tank tops and t-shirts are made for a casual fit. If the garment doesn’t fit like it should we will exchange it no problem, so that you are 100% satisfied! See the guide below for details. (Click the picture for full screen)

72% Gots certified organic merino wool + 28% silk = a completely natural product

Our merino wool fibres are only 17.3 microns thick, less than half the thickness of human hair. Some of the finest merino wool is only found in our products.

Material weight: 150 g/M2
Product weight: 72 g (women’s medium)

Made in Europe: The wool used in this collection comes from farms in Patagonia in Argentina. It is then sent to Europe where the company Südwolle spins the yarn. The yarn is sent to Lithuania where the reputable manufacturer Utenos both knits the fabric and sews the products. We produce in Europe (and not Asia) to secure quality and to minimize emissions from transport. European production is not cheap, but in return you get a long-lasting product with fewer travelled miles. Please use our products until they are worn out.

Our tank top has many different uses:

  • Everyday and at the office
  • Training- both indoors and outside
  • Hiking and skiing in the mountains- both summer and winter
  • Climbing
  • As an undershirt for extra warmth

… and everything else you can think of.

How to wash and care for your wool garments

Buy a tank top, work on flexing your biceps more than necessary.

Free returns within 30 days ✉️

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