Zipneck Wool (Men)

Everyone needs a zipneck. So we decided to make our own.

Free returns within 30 days ✉️

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Zipneck Wool (Men)

Everyone needs a zipneck. So we decided to make our own.

Free returns within 30 days ✉️

Our Zipwear-collection was lacking a good zipneck, and when we decide to create a product, we do it properly.

We sat down and examined a bunch of zipnecks to figure out which properties would make up the perfect shirt.

The result is a zipneck that;

– Has long arms with reinforced thumb-holes for increased durability.

– Is made out of the same fabric as our woolen Ziplongs. This ensures comfort, fit and durability.

– Has an extra long zipper for increased ventilation without removing your shell-jacket.

– Has an increased torso length in order to stay in place during high activity-levels.

This shirt is a necessity for your backpack for all kinds of adventures. 

See details about size below:

Merino wool: 200 gr/M, 73% wool mixed with polyester and elastane for better durability and wicking capabilities. Wool micron: 18,5. Product weight: 267g (men’s large)

Made in Europe: We manufacture our products in Lithuania. We do this to ensure proximity and quality, as well as to reduce our carbon footprint. In addition to this every component of our wool products are from European manufactures. (Except the raw wool that is imported from New Zealand and Australia) European production is not cheap, but you’ll get a product with less logged travel miles and long durability. Please wear until worn out.

Anything you can imagine using a woolen shirt for:

– Mountaneering

– Trekking

– Expeditions

– At the cabin or at home

– In the city or at the countryside

How to wash and care for your wool garments

Use our Zipneck for climate control in the same way you use your Ziplongs.

Cold morning? Put on both your Ziplongs and your Zipneck.

Getting hot? Fully ventilate by unzipping your Zipneck, your Ziplongs or both.

Still hot? Unzip your Ziplongs and take your shirt off within the minute.

Complete climate control!

Free returns within 30 days ✉️

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