We’re out and about in the Norwegian outdoors all year round and in all kinds of weather. And after too many perfect moments ruined by base wear that got sweaty, wet and cold, and failing to find anything better, we decided to do something about it - we just made it ourselves.

This is how

Our first winter with a sewing machine, we developed the Zipbody™ and the Ziplongs®. To begin with, these were just for our own personal use. We didn't think that this would become a livelihood, but quickly understood that the products were so genius that we had to make more. We did just that, and all of a sudden we had a company and customers all over the world.

The concept has evolved with time, and we ended up creating our own category: Zipwear™. Zipwear™ is a collection that challenges the functionality of how we dress. We don't stop there. Challenging conventions is in our blood. We have amongst other things a self-imposed environmental tax. Every time someone places an order on our website we send money to plant trees in East Africa. Our collection in organic wool and silk is another example of how we strive to do things our own way. All of our products are produced in Europe, and in the fall of 2018 we took a new step towards challenging the textile industry's traditional search for the cheapest possible labor: we launched our first collection made locally in Oslo.

What we believe in
Our vision is to "rethink the way we create products for people who use nature as their playground". Zipwear™, local production, organic wool and environmental taxes are examples of this, and we're just getting started. The textile industry hasn't changed much since the industrial revolution, and those who come out worst are our planet and laborers who work for approximately nothing. Our ambition is to go forward and be brave. We can't pretend like everything is OK. Let's roll up our sleeves and get things done!

Why the name Northern Playground?
Northern Playground is a tribute and commitment to nature. Being from Norway, nature is where we live and play. It’s where it all makes sense. A fragile place we need to protect.

Want to know more?
Do you want to get to know us better? To build a company for the future, we want to be open and honest. We want to be transparent about both hardships and everything worth celebrating. Get a peak "behind the scenes" here.

  • 2011 - From Idea to Protoype

    Jo is sick of sweaty boxers and sows the first Zipbody with his mom

  • 2011 - The World's First Ziplongs®

    A bottle of whisky, a sowing-machine and a youtube-class - and the first Ziplongs is born in Magnus' hands a bright winter night.

  • 2012 - First Sale

    A small production arrives and a homemade website leads to the first sale of a pair of Ziplongs to a guy planing to cross the Greenland glacier

  • 2013 - The First Collection Made of Wool is Launched

    Up until then it had consisted of two kinds of technical fabric. 

  • 2014 - The Company Northern Playground AS is Founded

    After a successful visit on prime-time television, Jo realises the potential of the business and decides to quit his job and go all in

  • 2015 - Finalist ISPO Brand New and Winner of German Design Awards

    The Ziplongs wins it's first prizes

  • 2016 - Ziplongs 2.0

    Product development takes time, and the 2016/17 season is when we were truly happy with the outcome

  • 2016 - Crowdfunding a New Product - Zipshorts™ Padded

    We use Kickstarter.com to launch what has become one of our best sellers

  • 2016 - Equity-Crowdfunding The Company

    We choose to raise equity from the lay-man with a genuine interest for Northern Playground, our products and our future.

  • 2016 - Launching The Zipbra™

    Jo observes that many women choose to change their shirts when sweaty, but keep trekking with a wet bra. He decides to do something about it, and today this is also one of our best sellers

  • 2017 - "Best Winter Gear Guide" in Outside Magazine

    In the category "The Best Winter Gear for 2017" in Outside Magazine

  • 2017 - "The Organic Collection" is Launced

     Functional, classic design made with organic wool and silk. Read more

  • 2018 - Our "Made in Tøyen, Oslo" is Launced

    Together with the Somali women of the Kulmis network, we have started production of certain products locally in our homebase of Tøyen, Oslo. Read more here.


Developing new stuff is demanding. Trial and error is what counts, and we've done plenty of both developing todays Ziplongs


All manufacturers know that a product has an impact on the environment. We must realize that we are affecting the environment in our production of Zipwear, just as you must realize that you as a consumer have an impact in the same way.

We are taking action to minimize our environmental impact.

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