“The most versitale garment I have” – Nils Nielsen

Nils stuff Ziplongs 2

Nils Nielsen isn’t just anybody in the alpine environment. Already he is to be considered a legend, something the skiing magazine Fri Flyt is aware of as well. Recently they interviewed him about the equipment he use in the mountains. There are no doubt about what he’s wearing under his pants:

– I ALWAYS have Ziplongs from Northern Playground with me when I’m out and about… Who would have thought that two Norwegian guys would revolutionize the use of long John’s? Ziplongs from Northern Playground is the most versitale garment I have (and no I have no commercial interest in the company, but I’m a big fan), and it’s just as genious for summer use as winter ise. You remove it and put it back on without having to take off your pants or shoes. You have to try it! This is what Nils says to the Norwegian skiing magazine-


Check out the Ziplongs for youself.


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