International freeski magazine Downdays has tested Zipwear™.

The conclusion?
“The zipwear technology is what makes the Northern Playground designs special. A simple zipper is often all you need to get outdoor enthusiasts excited. Being able to remove your underwear without having to take off your ski boots and pants as well, at first seemed a “nice” idea that’s maybe only of interest to hardcore ski tourers. That’s what I thought, anyway, until I was definitively shown otherwise.

It was an enlightening moment when I realized how easy this is with the layers from Northern Playground. One reach into your ski pants is all you need to open the zippers on both legs. A few seconds later your Merino wool underwear is in your hands, not on your legs, ready to pack away in your backpack. It’s truly astounding how lightweight yet functional these layers are.”

Read the full test here:
And read it in German here:


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