“Hunting&Fishing” get the feeling of Zipbody

Editor in the Norwegian magazine Jakt og Fiske (Hunting and Fishing), Leif Haug has previously tested the Ziplong. He was immediatly hooked, and now he wanted to test the next product in line: the Zipbody:

“When hunting you often get sweaty, but at the same time you take long breaks or spend time waiting out the animals. When this happends it’s really important to get dry as quick as possible. The products in the Zipwear collection makes this a very easy task. You don’t have to remove your boots or pants, and can quickly zip on or off the products. With the Zipbody, you remove everything that’s wet in one go, both sweater and boxer shorts, and you’re very soon dry and comfortable again. And remember: from now on you don’t have to be called out as a weirdo if you’re an outdoor z(tr)ipper!


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