Northern Playground put to the test

Outside Magazine Winter Buyer’s Guide:they go from toasty to ventilated in moments Read more

Downdays: “Only Northern Playground has the original Zipwear” Read more

Hunting & Fishing: Test of Zipbody and Zipboxer. Score 5/6. Read more.

Skiinfo: “Ziplongs is a small Norwegian clothing revolution”Read more.

Earn your turns: “As you might expect, it works, and I confirm, unless you’re a Princess you won’t notice the zippers”.  Read more.

Jeger: The hunting magazine “Jeger” has tested Ziplongs. Full score. Read more.

Swedish Åka Skidor: “Perfect when the weather changes or you need extra heat. Absolutely genius! Read more. «Zipwear – your new favorite garment»Read more.

Fri Flyt: Niels Nielsens favorites – “The most versitale garment I have”Read more.

Ich Liebe Berge: facilitates rapid dressing of long underpants enormously!” Read more.

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