We highly recommend you try airing your wool instead of washing, and reduce the amount of unnecessary pollutants in the environment. Wash your wool as little as possible!

  • Wool is a natural fibre with self-cleansing properties and almost no odour. It can be worn several times before it needs to be washed, and if it smells just hanging it out to dry can do wonders!

  • In case of stains; run some water over the affected area or use a wet cloth before it sets into the garment.


Laundry day:
Our wool products can be washed in the washing machine, just make sure the machine settings are on wool/sensitive and max 30 degrees. Remember to wash it with similar colours to avoid discolouring. Clothing with dark colours often transmits their colour onto light garments.

Use enzyme-free detergents for wool and silk. Enzymes attack the wool and can, over time, tear small holes in the garment.

To protect the fabric and avoid pilling on the garment; don´t overfill your washing machine!

We recommend using the Guppyfriend laundry-bag when washing your wool. Not only does it protect your garments, it also keeps microplastics out of our oceans!

Don’t wring the water out of your wool. It tears the fabric

Do use the centrifuge on your washing machine. It keeps the shape and dries faster

If the wool garments have shrunk or lost their shape during a wash, stretch them in an even fashion to return them to their original fit

Wish to disinfect your wool? Boil lightly for 10 minutes. DO NOT move the garment as high temperatures and movement shrinks the wool and damages the fabric.

Fun fact:
Out of delicate laundry detergent? Use mild shampoo to wash your wool. It has a low PH-value and won’t damage the fibres as regular laundry detergent might. You can use both mild shampoo and conditioner when washing wool. We tested both with great results.

More information about conscious laundry washing: www.framtiden.no

PS: Filling the washing machine does not apply to wool.



How to use Guppyfriend washing bag?

When washing synthetic fibers, especially fleece products, we do serious harm to our environment.

The GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag is the first practical way to prevent microfibers from entering into rivers and oceans.

The concept is simple: Put your clothing in the bag and then into the washing machine.

Two things will happen:
1. The bag protects the clothing so fewer fibers will get broken and lost.

The fibers that do detach from the clothing will be absorbed by the bag. Every now and then, these fibers can easily be removed and put in the trash.


All manufacturers know that a product has an impact on the environment. We must realize that we are affecting the environment in our production of Zipwear, just as you must realize that you as a consumer have an impact in the same way.

We are taking action to minimize our environmental impact.

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