In 2016, Andreas wrecked his car after a disadvantageous EU control. He decided that from then on, his bicycle would become his main means of transportation - not just to the office and the grocery store, but also to the mountains for skiing and other adventures.

Since 2016, Andreas has yet to sit behind the wheel of a car to visit the summits for skiing. Instead, he has elapsed hundreds of miles on his bike. Andreas is not interested in how far he has cycled, but rather the nature he gets to experience along his journey, and enjoying the summits and mountainsides all by himself.

Andreas has been an interesting pioneer as a ski-biker. He has been featured in newspapers and magazines, such as the Norwegian "Today's Business" (Dagens Næringsliv). He also writes thought-provoking and motivating articles for Infinitum Movement, for those of you who think that he is accomplishing the impossible.

Check out Andreas' video.

"I hope that other people can see that it is possible to discover a whole lot without emptying your wallet or travelling far from home. The road right outside my doorstep can take me anywhere I want. I just have to hop on the bike and start pedalling."
- Andreas Køhn

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