He used to be an industrial climber in the oil-industry. That was then.

One day he saw for himself the consequenses of the climate changes and realized he didn't have the conscience to keep working with oil. He quit his job, moved from the cityscape to Northern Norway, built a home-on-wheels and makes his money doing guides tours in the mountains. It's his wish that as many as possible will get the chance to experience nature and see for themselves what exactly we a trying desperately to protect.

Many know Andreas from his spectacular environmental actions directed by Greenpeace. For almost 10 years, Andreas has been fighting for the environment by hanging from oil-platforms all over the world.

Andreas is always on the move, travelling around in his VW which he lives in all year round. He goes wherever the best conditions are, whether it's solid ice, powder or hot granite. So when in Northern Norway, have a look towards the mountains and you'll see this happy and handsome Swede soon enough.

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