Yup, thats right. In the UTE magazine that is what they call her: The Nuclear Reactor.

Maybe it is because her job is to keep the Norwegian navy in shape. Or maybe it is because she is as tough as any winter storm. What is certain is that Camilla knows what she wants and knows what she's doing.

Greenland is the playground. She has obviously crossed the ice a few times, both as a guide and on a romantic trip with a friend. But she likes it even better along the coast in a kayakk. Check out this video. Looks like fun? Camilla will take you. She runs Northern Exposure with her boyfriend.

Camilla knows all about regulating the temperature when she spins around Greenland. That's why she uses the whole range of Zip Products to regulate heat and keep dry. Ziplongs, Zipboxer and Zipbody - often simultaneously.

Nuclear Reactor? No doubt. This winter, after 28.07 hours, she won Expedition Amundsen the"world's toughest ski race"  across Hardangervidda, for the second year in a row. Of course she beat most the men who participated.

Northern Playground is proud to have Camilla as an ambassador and Zipteam member!

Camilla Ianke
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