Eric Carter is a skier, coach and student based in Squamish, Britich Columbia. He is primarily a ski mountaineering racer, and has spent the last winters in Europe, racing in the World Cup on the US National Team. When he's not racing, his passion is proper alpine skiing.

Spending time in Chamonix and throughout the Alps has shown Eric what is possible in terms of climbing and steep skiing. In Canada the mountains are "wilder" with long approaches and a very remote feeling. Eric loves going out here with light gear and skiing long, classic traverses and steep ski routes.

Eric also happens to get very warm while training and skiing. Countless times he has been sweaty during an approach, followed by being freezing cold when meeting cold temps and high winds at the summit. While searching for solutions, Eric came across Northern Playground and our Ziplongs®. Now he's thrilled to be able to adjust his layers without having to take off his ski boots!

Coming up, Eric has visions that include ambitious day-trips, single day speed traverse, steep skiing and other expeditions both in Canada, back in the Alps, and anywhere else his visions bring him.


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