There´s a lot of great freestyle skiers out there. But there aren´t as many great freestyle skiers with loose heals! John Olav has taken his telemark skis to the parc where he´s riding rails, kicks and tricks with his heals unbuckled. He has some very impressive video edits out, and we think it´s safe to say that he can probably crown himself with the title as Norway´s best telemark jibber (of course there aren´t many to compete with but don´t underestimate his skills by the lack of opponents!).

The unusual skiing has also given him international attention, and the 28 year old from Haugesund continues to be a leading character within this young sport.

Telemark madness in Åre, Sweden:

Follow John Olav on Instagram:

Et innlegg delt av John Olav (@telejohn)

Et innlegg delt av John Olav (@telejohn)

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