Martin Ellingsen has worked with fish for 30 years, and is mildly put one of the countries most experienced anglers. He fishes all year round, both nationally and internationally. Of course he has a few titles on his wall, like the fly fishing title "Super Grand Slam". The first Monday after wearing Zipwear™ he called our office.
- "This is the missing link!", he said in his southern dialect.

 Martin wasn't talking about a mystical fish from ancient times, but about finally having the opportunity to control the temperature under his waders quickly.

- Ziplongs® are perfect for wading. I start the day with Ziplongs® at the base together with flexible pants under my waders. When it gets too hot to walk around I easily take the Ziplongs® off, and then on again when we go out into the water. The process repeats itself a few times a day. You should've seen the other guy, he was sweaty, jealous and pretty ready to get his long-johns off at the end of the day. Ziplongs® will be a permanent piece in my fishing bag onwards, both summer and winter!


- On cold days the Zipshorts™ is also perfect. My butt has a tendency to get pretty cold. An extra layer of fleece is perfect, especially when you're sitting still for hours - either on a boat or on land.

- This solves many clammy and many cold days for me. Fishers are going to enjoy these practical inventions.

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