Nils knows what he's doing, and just might be one of the people in Norway with the most days in the mountains each year.

In other words: Nils lives in the mountains. Most of the time you will meet him in Romsdalen og Chamonix. As a guide, he takes on hundreds of trekkers and climbers each year. Haute Route is one of his classics. As you can imagine, Nils is in good shape. Among other things - he competes in the World Championships in Randonee for Norway. Every mountaineer in Norway knows Nils for his record climbs.

Based on the above, Nils knows that temperature regulation in the mountains is very important for a good experience - whether he is climbing, skiing or running. He was immediately excited when Northern Playground was born. Today he is an avid zipper.

Want to climb the Matterhorn, Romsdalshorn or Store Skagastølstind? Check out his website and contact him here

Check out Nils in our trekking video:

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