We met Inge for the first time in his documentary “North of the sun”, where he and a friend spent nine months living on an isolated beach far north. They lived off expired food, already used frying oil as fuel, and built a house of whatever they found drifting on the beach. In other words they lived a cost-free existence based on reuse and waste food. Later Inge and his brothers would spend three months camping at Bjørnøya, where they surfed, skied and paraglided. Despite the fact that there´s only nine people living on the island they could still fill up several bags of garbage coming form the sea that they brought back with them. The whole point? Living a simple lifestyle while doing what they love.

Weggebros are known for they playfulness in everything they do, and their love for extreme sports, but also their love and respect for nature. Their trademark has become the focus on maintaining a sustainable lifestyle, while at the same time showing that this does not have to go on the expense of the quality of your life. The simple outdoor life doesn´t have to be boring.

One thing they have learned so far in life is that they rarely meet people who are as stoked as they are!

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