Wear a tank top during spring, autumn, and winter? A hero? For us, the answer is quite obvious: The wool tank top is an underrated garment.

In the summer, the garment speaks for itself. It's light, airy, and the wool makes the experience cool, while the material is soft against warm and sweaty skin. In winter, however, we tend to dress in thick wool from the innermost layer, making temperature regulation more difficult. A thin wool tank top insulates the core and works optimally under thicker layers. Without sleeves, mobility is also improved. But it doesn't just work during mountain activities. Wear it under your shirt at the office, under your dress at a party, or while sitting in a lecture at school. It breathes well, is invisible under formal clothes, and contributes to balanced temperature on the upper body.

You're probably familiar with the feeling of finding a garment that you never want to take off. A garment that feels more like a warm hug than a piece of fabric. A garment that feels just as right in scorching sun on a sailboat as when the temperature drops and you're sitting on a cold chairlift. A garment that boosts confidence. Well, we've done some testing, and one of us literally never took it off.

Jo likes to challenge the norm. In the winter/spring of 2019, he decided to wear one of our tank tops as much as possible - without washing it. The tank top was most suitable for the experiment because it can be worn almost every day as the innermost layer, whether under a shirt or as the only layer out in the woods. Jo has exercised in it, partied in it, gone skiing in it, and, most importantly, worn it to work. It was worn for over 200 days without being washed.

Afterwards, the tank top was hung up in our store as proof that it didn't smell after 200 days without washing. In 2023, it was stolen. We (and Jo) take it as a compliment!

Pardis wanted to take it even further. She decided to wear a wool and silk tank top for 200 consecutive days. In September 2022, Pardis began her experiment. It was easy during warmer weather, but even through a cold winter, the singlet proved to be invaluable as an extra layer of warmth. It worked just as well in the office as it did at concerts, on train rides, and on mountain hikes.

For a total of 232 days, Pardis wore the tank top day in and day out. She shattered myths about frequent washing and varied outfits, discovering that the singlet might be the most underrated garment of all time. And while 232 days may be more than we can expect from most people, it shows us the possibilities we have to reduce consumption and live with fewer clothes.

Both experiments, one conducted by someone in the sweatiest situations and the other lasting 232 consecutive days, were carried out without washing the garment. The tank tops were exposed to sweat, cooking odors, smoke from parties, and were used as insulation layers, but also worn on their own on warmer days. None of the garments smelled bad after the experiments ended. The secret? Both Pardis and Jo were diligent about airing out the tank tops overnight, allowing it to "wash" itself. Thank you, wool!


Stop washing your clothes so frequently. Wool is self-cleaning. As long as the garment isn't very dirty, you don't need to wash a high-quality wool item. Here are some more reasons:

  • Washing is boring.
  • Washing damages your clothes and shortens their lifespan.
  • Washing requires a lot of electricity and water and often contributes to unnecessary pollution in the environment.

You don't need to own so many clothes to feel fresh every day. Choose garments that work for various activities, whether it's for the office or weekend leisure. Opt for classic styles that don't go out of fashion and don't follow seasonal color trends. And last but not least, choose clothes of good quality made from natural materials that provide necessary insulation, breathability, and comfort.

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