One of the most important things we can do for the climate is to reduce consumption. To achieve that, we need to use what we have for a longer time and buy less. In the midst of this year’s holiday season of discounts, sales, and consumption, we are focusing on various repair events. ⁠Along with a handful of other sustainability enthusiasts, we aim to help you use what you already have a little bit longer.⁠

So, find that worn-out shirt, a phone with a cracked screen, or a pair of shoes in need of some care. During the Last Month, we’ll either fix what’s needed or teach you how to do it yourself. F**k off to Black Month, Friday, Week and all the cyber-things, and the constant pursuit of "more" together.⁠

What: Sewing Workshop with Mari Melilot
When: Tuesday, November 7th
Time: 18:00-21:00
Where: In the store of Northern Playground, Folketeaterpassasjen, Oslo Registration: Paid registration. Sign up here.
Spots available: 12

Do you have any favorite clothing items that need a little love? On Tuesday, November 7th, Mari Melilot will be coming to teach you how to easily repair your clothes. You will have the opportunity to learn useful techniques for hand-sewing, darning, and patching, all of which anyone can master. Bring along a garment (or more) that needs some care. Also, bring thread or any necessary materials if you require a specific thread color, button, or the like. There will be various sewing tools available, such as needles, thread, and patches in a small selection of colors and materials.

What: Tech repairs with Restarters Norway
When: Thursday, November 16th
Time: 17:00-20:00
Where: In the store of Northern Playground, Folketeaterpassasjen, Oslo Registration: Free, no registration required. See the event on Facebook here.

Need something to be fixed, and you're unsure how to proceed? Do you have a cracked phone screen? A sluggish PC? A broken radio, lamp, or tablet? Bring them to the tech repair!

Together, we'll attempt to repair your broken items. We'll disassemble, explore, and fix your beloved, old (or new) products. Our fixers will assist you in repairing all types of electrical and electronic items, as long as you can carry them to our store yourself. We do not repair appliances or microwaves.


  • We provide tools and expertise; you bring your hands and curiosity.
  • Remember any spare parts!
  • Bring your item fully charged and bring the charger and adapter.
  • Back up your data if you're concerned about losing it on a PC or similar device.
  • We offer assistance but cannot guarantee that your items can be fixed.
  • We provide no warranties, and when you participate, it means you are responsible for your item.
  • Learn something new and have fun!

What: Repair with NP and Fikse
When: Thursday, November 23rd
Time: 11:00-18:00
Where: In the store of Northern Playground, Folketeaterpassasjen, Oslo
Registration: Free, no registration required. See the event on Facebook here.

On the day before Black Friday, you can get minor repairs such as small holes, tears, and seams that have come undone fixed for free with us. Fix what you have instead of buying things you don't need on Black Friday. We offer 50 free repairs. First come, first served!

  • Only simple repairs that take a maximum of 15-20 minutes (so we can assist as many as possible).
  • Examples of what we can do include minor holes, seams that have come undone or torn, tears in down jackets or shell jackets, sewing on a button, or darning knit products.
  • What we can't handle includes things like a torn crotch, zipper replacement, damage to Gore-Tex products (minor tears are okay), redesigning, or altering garments.

    If the repair is too complex to be completed within 20 minutes, or there are no more available repairs, Fikse can assist.


Fikse is ready to accept clothes, shoes, and accessories that need repair or alterations. They also take garments for dry cleaning.

  • On this day, you'll receive a gift card from Fikse worth 249 NOK if you order a repair over 749 NOK.
  • See prices here.
  • Accepts all types of clothing, shoes, and accessories for repair or alterations, except Gore-Tex, that need repair or alterations.
  • Provides good advice on how to get the best fit for your garment.


Last Month means many things. "Last" implies something that endures over time, something that remains in good condition, something long-lasting. In other words, it reflects everything we stand for and want our clothes to be. Not least, it's the last few weeks before Black Friday, which is not a coincidence.

Last year, we had an event called Last Week, which lasted in the days just before Black Friday. Here is a video summarizing that event:

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