POW x NPSuperhero Eco Tee

Life on our planet as we know it would disappear in an instant if our ecosystems were radically changed - and this is exactly what is happening. Luckily, nature is full of superheroes. If we take care of them, they will take care of us. In collaboration with POW (Protect Our Winters), we are honoring three of them.

How? Limited edition t-shirts celebrating these ecosystem superheroes and their superpowers.

The Snowflake
My name is "Nix".

You might know me as the snowflake. I am an ecosystem superhero. At any given time of the year I cover about 40% of the earth's surface. Life on Earth relies on me for fresh water supply. When plants need water in the spring and summer, I keep them hydrated even when it's not raining. I also help plants in the winter with my insulation superpowers. These allow small plants to survive beneath me during the cold winter. Last but not least: I regulate the earth’s temperature and reflect sunlight. Without me as a climate controller, global climate change would intensify.

Help me stick around and I will ensure long winters, great skiing and water for all.

(The above story is on the back of the tee)

The Wild Salmon
My name is "Salmo".

Most people call me the wild Salmon. Not to be confused with my farmed salmon cousins, I am a true ecosystem superhero. Some might even call me the fertilizer of river ecosystems. When I swim upstream, I bring marine nutrients from the ocean to the river, connecting distant ecosystems from ocean to forest. These nutrients end up in food webs in rivers and surrounding nature, benefiting mammals, birds and other freshwater fish. I also contribute to about a third of the nitrogen in the trees around me. You know what that means? More salmon, more trees!

Take care of me, and I will take care of our ecosystems.

(The above story is on the back of the tee)

The Bee
My name is "Apis Mellifera".

People call me the honey bee. I am an ecosystem superhero. Considered one of the most important pollinators, I ensure the production of crops such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and trees. Every day I fly from plant to plant in search of nectar. During this process I leave behind pollen on the surface of billions of plants each year. This helps them grow, make new plants and produce food for you and other animals in the ecosystem. Without me, many plants would disappear. No wonder I coined the term 'busy as a bee'! Want to keep enjoying your favorite foods?

Take care of me, and I will take care of you.

(The above story is on the back of the tee)

POW turns passionate outdoor people into climate advocates. We, Northern Playground, aspire to do good for the environment by producing clothing with minimal impact on nature. Together we are a great match, and decided that we had to do something about it. We gave it some thought, and that led to this question: what is more valuable than our natural ecosystems?

With every product sold, we donate 15% of the total to POW. They use this to fight climate change and save skiing and winter acitivities for future generations. Tell all your friends about ecosystem superheroes, climate change and the work POW is doing to fight it!

Fully biodegradable fabrics
The Superhero Eco Tee is a fully biodegradable t-shirt. The t-shirts are made out of 20% recycled cotton and 80% organic cotton. All seams are sewn with Tencel threads. If you were to throw this t-shirt out into nature, in perfect composting conditions, the t-shirt would turn into organic material and be completely gone after 6 months! This product is tested and certified by the Oeko-tex® Standard 100. In short; this means these t-shirts are safe to wear - no worrying about harmful chemicals.

Illustrations by Peter-John de Villiers
Peter-John de Villiers is an artist born in South Africa, now living in the Norwegian countryside. Surfing through summer, snowboarding through winter. His iconic style has become an integrated part of the international art scene, having worked extensively with musicians, the snowboard and skate industry, lifestyle brands, packaging and advertising.

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