Happy to see you here from Hennings verden! Like the podcast, we like looking at things from a different angle. We like it so much, that we made our goal the exact opposite of everyone else's in our industry. We want to help you buy less.

Because wouldn't it be nice to free yourself from the idea of needing new clothes for every little occasion? Wouldn't it be nice not to need to replace your t-shirts every summer, but instead have one that you liked and could wear year after year? And wouldn't it be nice if the company you bought that t-shirt from helped prolong its life by helping you care for and repair it?

We're just asking, you have the answers. What we know is that the only thing that really matters is reducing consumption. The approach is simple: Buy clothes you really need and that go with most things, take good care of them and repair when necessary. That is how you build a smarter wardrobe, but also a smaller wardrobe – and isn't that actually kind of nice?

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