Shoot from the hip!


Thank you for choosing NP. Hopefully, you have already tested out the products on multiple adventures 🙌

My name is Jo, I am the founder of Northern Playground, and I hope I can have a minute or two of your time. If you want to know more about the history of the company, it all started with a sweaty hike on skis, my mom and a YouTube crash-course in sewing. Learn more about our story in this short film (laughter guarantee).

Our vision is to reduce the world's clothing consumption. We do that by uncompromisingly developing products and concepts others don't even dare to think about. A key part in this is doing everything we can to help you keep your clothes for as long as possible. That's also why we have a lifetime service on our products, which means that you can come to us and have your NP garments repaired whenever you want, free of charge.

To reach our vision we also need your constructive feedback on products, needs and experiences. That's why we have a Community where you can join in on design and decision processes, test prototypes and help us become the best company possible. Join us here!

Now get up off your butt and get outside!
- Jo

P.S. Did you know that with your purchase you contributed to reducing clothing consumption? Well, you did! We pay a self-imposed environmental tax for each sale in our online store. This goes to repairing clothes from other brands, so that they too can be used as long as possible.

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