Want to hang out?

Hi! I'm Pardis, Northern Playgrounds CMO. My team and I are always on the hunt for new stories to tell, and realised that we have an entire Community to get to know!

A key part of our marketing is that we don't use professional models. We are tired of seeing "perfect" people in "perfect" settings. Perfect is boring. We would rather see average Joes (and Janes!) on everyday adventures. Whether that's a day at work on the farm, a weekend on a sailboat or an afternoon at the local climbing gym, our photographer would love to tag along as a fly on the wall. We want to capture real moments with real people, and we want to do it with you!

Send us an email (no obligations) at pardis@northernplayground.no if you want to hang out with us. We are up for any sort of activity and are in no way looking for world champions in anything. Expect comfy clothes, a good time and a cheery Dane 😉

Can't wait to hear from you!

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