Longs padded


Wool long johns with locally produced padding in bottom for extra warmth and comfort.

Merino wool
Local production
Designed with our Community

Wool long johns with locally produced padding in bottom for extra warmth and comfort.

Merino wool
Local production
Designed with our Community

The pervious version of this product, Ziplongs® padded, is a fantastic product that has been worn and loved by people all over the world. It was made in recycled polyester and other oil based materials, and as we developed new visions we realised that this product no longer aligned with our values. In 2021 we decided to start from scratch with our Community. The new Longs padded is made with wool, isn't as thick and comes without zippers. Better yet, the padding is locally produced with Norwegian wool.

Local butt warmer
The padding in this product is produced in Norwegian wool at Fredriksens Fabrikk in Telemark. Here, wool is turned to felt in a mechanical process without use of water og chemicals. The outer lining of the padding is made with leftover materials from FOV in Sweden, and sewn together by Sisters in Business in Asker. We believe that local production is a step towards a greener and more fair world. Read more about that here. The long johns are produced in Lithuania in merino wool from South Africa, so the padding is a small step on a long journey of challenging the industry and ourselves to create an alternative world.

A technical and important element of the padding is that it isn't made with down or similar materials. Insulated garments have many advantages, but a disadvantage is that the insulation disappears when you sit on it. The wool felt in this padding won't get flattened when you sit on it, and will keep its insulation abilities.

Areas of use
The longs is made in merino wool in a mid-weight that makes it perfect for all kinds of activities in cold weather. The opportunity to add padding in the bottom and knees makes it perfect for extra cold activities as well: Skiing and snowboarding with chairlifts, under your waders, kayaking, sailing, hunting, cold nights in your sleeping bag and around the bonfire at basecamp.

The padded series
After lots of testing a research, we found that not everyone liked the zippers that were on the old version, we have have therefore removed them in this round. In addition, the Longs padded is thinner and on other words completely ordinary wool underwear that can be used for all activities, but with the opportunity to add padding for extra warmth and insulation.

We are also aware the people have different needs, and will therefore continue to offer two lengths and thicknesses. In addition to this product, we will be launching shorts that look like Zipshorts™ padded in the fall of 2022. The shorts will be made in a warmer wool fleece and have zippers in the sides that make it easy to put on and take off. It will in other words be perfect for those days that you need extra warmth around your bottom and thighs, in addition to having the opportunity to take it off if you get too hot.

Knee padding
Longs padded comes with padding for the bottom, but also has pockets in the knees, giving those who need it the opportunity to add some extra cushioning. We suggest cutting out material from old wool socks or a worn out wool sweater for use here if necessary.

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