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If you already own one of our paddings, you probably don't need another one.

Wool long johns with locally produced padding in bottom for extra warmth and comfort.

Merino wool
Local production
Designed with our Community

Wool long johns with locally produced padding in bottom for extra warmth and comfort.

Merino wool
Local production
Designed with our Community

If you already own one of our paddings, you probably don't need another one.

THE LONGS Longs Padded is a great pair of 3/4 length long-johns in merino wool, made in a mid-weight that makes it perfect for all kinds of activities in cold weather. In addition, is has the slightly unusual detail of having a pocket in the back and knees for padding.

Our padded products have been worn and loved for many years by people all over the globe. In 2021 we decided to start from scratch and redesign the products with our Community, without the original oil-based materials they previously were made with. The Longs Padded is a result of this process.

The longs have a pocket in the back for a wool padding that can be inserted or removed when necessary. That pretty much means that you have a built in seat cushion in your pants, and that you avoid heat loss when sitting on cold surfaces. While typical insulation like down can loose its insulative ability when wet or flattened, wool keeps this trait. We advise wearing the longs without padding during activity, and inserting the padding when you've arrived at your destination or stop for a break.

The padding fits in all our Padded products (Zipshorts™ Padded and Longs Padded) and is therefore sold separately to minimize production and consumption. In other words, you can own both products and use the same padding in both. As a standard, the padding is put into the cart with the Longs Padded when you place an order at the top of the page. If you do not need padding you must make sure to remove it at the top of the page or in the cart.

Longs Padded also has pockets in the knees, giving those who need it the opportunity to add some extra cushioning. We suggest cutting out material from old wool socks or a worn out wool sweater for use here if necessary.

The padding in this product is made with Norwegian wool at Fredriksens Fabrikk in Telemark. Here, wool is turned to felt in a mechanical process without use of water og chemicals. The padding slip is made with leftover materials from FOV in Sweden, and sewn together by Sisters in Business in Asker. The long johns themselves are produced in Lithuania in merino wool from South Africa, making the padding a small step on a long journey towards challenging the industry and ourselves to create an alternative, greener and more fair world. Read more about the importance of local production here.

The opportunity to add padding in the bottom and knees makes the Longs Padded perfect for extra cold activities:

  • In the chairlift while skiing or snowboarding
  • Under your waders
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Hunting
  • Cold nights in your sleeping bag
  • Around the campfire
  • In the snow while your kids are playing

To accommodate different wants and needs, we offer a smiliar product in a shorter length, Zipshorts™ Padded. The shorts are made in a thicker wool fleece and have zippers in the sides that make it easy to put on and take off. In other words, the Zipshorts™ Padded is perfect for the days where you need extra warmth around your bottom and thighs, in addition to having the opportunity to take it off if you get too hot.

Do you want to see, feel and try on the products before purchasing? Visit us in the Folketeaterpassasjen in Oslo for a slightly different shopping experience. Entrance from Storgata and Youngstorget. Read more about our shop here.

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