The Last Pants 5

Ventile cotton
Matching jacket
Designed with our Community
1 free repair

Pants in Ventile cotton, that you can use for all your adventures in many years to come. Designed with the daring goal to be the last pair of pants you ever need to buy. See the Last jacket here.

The Last Pants 5

Pants in Ventile cotton, that you can use for all your adventures in many years to come. Designed with the daring goal to be the last pair of pants you ever need to buy. See the Last jacket here.

Ventile cotton
Matching jacket
Designed with our Community
1 free repair
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10 reasons why we love The Last Pants:

1: Made from natural materials that breathe extremely well. Use them in the mountains while skiing, or on the couch on a lazy Sunday morning.

2: The ambition is that this could be your last pair of pants (The Last). A crazy goal, but we live in hope, and we are proud to shout this out loud!

3: Made in Ventile cotton, known for its excellent breathability and water-resistant properties. It's not waterproof, but water and snow bead off its densely woven cotton. Ventile cotton is also known to age gracefully. After much use, it develops a lovely patina that gives the garment character and personality.

4: The Last Pants are made of cotton, which inherently breathes well, but we've added zippers on the sides to allow even more air in if necessary. It pairs exceptionally well with Ziplongs®.

5: The pants are reinforced in areas that, based on our testers' feedback, tend to wear out. For example, the leg opening is reinforced with two layers of extra-thick cotton, and the regular pockets have a double layer of cotton at the edges.

6: The pants have all the smart pockets an outdoor pant should have. To highlight the two most important ones, there is a dedicated pocket for an avalanche transceiver on the thigh, and the knees have an inside pocket for padding the area with something warm or protective.

7: The pants are designed to be used for all kinds of activities. Therefore, there is an opening at the bottom of the pants to accommodate ski boots, hunting boots, or other large boots. Additionally, you can button up to make the leg opening tighter if you're just wearing regular approach shoes.

8: The Last Pants come with Use More +1, meaning the pants includes one free repair with the purchase. Check out Use More + for maintenance tips and how to best care for the garment!

9: Both Ventile and The Last Pants are produced in Europe. This ensures that those who sew the product receive fair wages and good working conditions, and the entire value chain is taken care of due to strict requirements and high standards.

10: The pants were designed in collaboration with over 300 people over 4 years. We are proud of this, and we know that no details were left to chance.

Over the past four years, The Last has been tested and developed by over 300 people. Based on their feedback (see here or read the comments at the bottom of this page), we have made improvements and developed the products that are in stock now.

This is the 5th and final version of The Last. We still have some units of the 4th generation available at a lower price, which you can view and order here. The key changes from generation 4 to generation 5 are:

  • Womens version
  • Wider leg openings
  • Improved ankle tightening – now featuring a flap with three adjustment options
  • Waist belt with an effective tightening mechanism that is easy to adjust
  • New waistband details for a cleaner look
  • New type of button at the waist, secured with a strong band to prevent wear on the main fabric
  • Larger openings in the knee pockets for easier use – now at the bottom instead of the top
  • Improved fit in the crotch, knees, and inside leg for better mobility
  • The sharp edge on the zipper pocket near the waist on the inside of the pants has been removed
  • The washing instructions have been moved inside one of the zipper pockets

These changes are based on in-house expertise and feedback from over 300 testers. Last but not least, the 5th generation comes with the repair and maintenance service Use More +.

This project started with developing outerwear for hiking and skiing. After testing prototypes, this has evolved into creating the only pants you would need on a northern road trip. Imagine going on a trip without an agenda; you might go skiing, to the movies, climbing, hunting, cycling, sailing or just hang out in the sun. And imagine that you only have room for one pair of pants. That is what The Last will be. Many people can't imagine only having one pair of pants for every activity. We wish to challenge that misconception. Own fewer clothes and pack less. That is the essence of our philosophy.

The pants are made in legendary organic Ventile. You can read more about the fabric here. Here are a few benefits:

Wind and water resistent
Ventile is amazing in any situation. The only exception might be hours of pouring rain, but a big part of Ventile's fame comes from the its technology that keeps wind and water out. (It was originally developed for fire hoses.)

The fabric is relatively light and breathes very well. Unlike GoreTex, Ventile is also comfortable against the skin.

Heat resistent
With Ventile you can sit as close to the campfire as you desire. Because they are 100% cotton, the pants are very heat resistent and will not melt. They also won't catch fire easily because the fabric has such high density.

Ventile is known for its patina – it ages well. That is also a key element in our design philosophy: Timeless. We have researched pants from the past 100 years, and have reached a cut, design and color palette that won't go out of style for the next 100 years.


5. Extra large pocket on thigh with water repellent YKK zipper. On the inside of the pocket there is an inner pocket for a beacon with an elastic band and a hook.

7. Fitted knees with an extra layer of Ventile24 on the inside. The double layer makes the knees more durable and more water resistant. The extra layer has an opening on the top for kneepads.

11. YKK zipper for opening for wider leg openings. When fully opened the legs are 11 cm wider and can fit over large boots.

See all features under Details further up on the page.

This product is made with durable materials and in a timeless design. This helps ensure that you can use it for many years, but its lifespan also depends on how you take care of it. If you take good care of your product and repair it when needed, you will be able to enjoy it for a very, very long time. We're here to help with that through Use More +, a service that gives you help on fixing and caring for your product, and one free repair of this product. Read more about Use More + here.


This product is now in stock and ready to be worn on your next adventure.

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2 Testing phase
3 Decision phase
4 Production phase
5 Available
Lifetime service
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To make sure we make clothing that can last a lifetime, we need your feedback. In our Community you can contribute in the development of new and existing products. Have thoughts on anything we should do different, a cool story or maybe just a question about the product? Join our Community and the discussion below!


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