Production phase

The Last Pants

Production phase

The Last Pants

Expected delivery May 30, 2021

This page is exclusive for those in Group 1 and Group 2 testing the pants.

Ventile cotton
Lifetime service
Made in Europe
Expected delivery May 30, 2021

This page is exclusive for those in Group 1 and Group 2 testing the pants.

Ventile cotton
Lifetime service
Made in Europe

«The last» project started with a simple question. Is it possible to develop technical outdoor-wear that can be inherited generation after generation?

Within a few years the idea has evolved and prototypes have been tested. We don't know yet if we can live up to the ambition. We're 100% sure that the clothes will wear out – we can't develop clothes that will last forever. What we're trying to develop is a concept that let's the clothes last forever. And we can't do that alone. You, the owner and user, have to contribute just as much as us. Together we can say frick you to the clothing industry and the endless hunt for new things. You must take care of the products and treat them well. If not, this is impossible. We can't wait to test this together!

Area of use
Finding a good jacket in cotton is pretty easy. Ski pants, on the other hand, are impossible to find. After switching over to cotton jackets, founder Jo had to make a pair of pants with the same benefits. Why not also make them timeless enough to still be loved in 40 years? With these thoughts in mind, the project began.

After testing prototypes things changed, and we decided to create the perfect outerwear for a Norwegian road trip. Imagine not knowing what activities you will be getting yourself into; skiing, seeing a movie, hunting, climbing, biking, going on dates or hanging around on the couch. And imagine just being able to bring one jacket. That is what The Last is. For many it may be unimaginable to not have tons of different jackets for different activities, but we want to challenge you to test this philosophy – to own fewer clothes and pack a smaller bag. That is the essence in NPs philosophy.

Read our full design philosophy here.

Lifetime service
The main goal of this project is to create a pair of pants that will last "forever". A big part of how we will make that happen is by delivering the pants with a lifetime service. That means that we will fix the product when needed. No questions asked.

Designed to be repaired
There will be patches on exposed areas (e.g. ankles) in a thicker, more solid kind of recycled Ventile that can endure more water and wear. The same patches are mounted so that they are easily replaceable in the future.



The pants are made in legendary Ventile. You can read all about the material here​, but here are some benefits:

Ventile is great in any weather. The only exception might be spending hours in the pouring rain, but a lot of Ventile's fame comes from the technology that keeps the water out.

The material is relatively light and breathable. Unlike GoreTex, Ventile is also comfortable enough to use against the skin.

Beyond Ventile's superior functionality, it also has a visual element to it. Our observation is that people are starting to get tired of waltzing around with shimmery "oil jackets" (GoreTex, etc.), and would rather go back to their roots. Luckily, Ventile is known for it's patina – it ages very well. That is also the key behind the design philosophy: Timeless. We have studied pants from the past 100 years to find a cut, look and color that won't go out of style the next 100 years.

With these pants, you get the obvious functions you need in a pair of ski pants: big pockets, a designated beacon pocket, reinforcement around ancles, shaped knees, etc. Most important - zippers on the sides to make it compatible with Ziplongs®, and giving you serious ventilating possibilities.

We also made a point not to make the pants too baggy or technical-looking. These pants should be a natural choice for everyday use, in addition to skiing and other activities.

New prototype based on the following feedback from Groupe 1

1: Tightening mechanism
4 testers commented when they tightened the pants, they loosened up too quickly.

2: Belt loops
4 testers thought that the belt loops were too small.

3: Beacon pocket
3 testers noted that the beacon pocket needs to be on the inside of the pants.

4: Reinforcement legs
3 testers thought that the reinforcement on the inside of the legs could stop below the knees.

5: Reinforcement knees
4 testers wanted an extra layer on the knees.

6: Zipper garage
1 tester noted that the flap that covers the zipper on the side of the leg points forward instead of backwards.


  • + Technical info
  • + Size chart


Just like people, products go trough different phases.

This product is now in production. Preorder to make sure one becomes yours.

1 Design phase
2 Decision phase
3 Production phase
4 Available
Lifetime service
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Your thoughts are important for making sure that we only produce garments you will love for a lifetime. If you have thoughts on anything we should do different or maybe just a question about the product you can join the discussion below.


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