The Wool Fleece Pants

GOTS certified
Designed with our Community
Made in Lithuania
1 free repair

Soft, comfy pants in wool fleece. Perfect around the campfire or beneath your shell on cold days. See the jacket here and the hoodie here.

The Wool Fleece Pants

Soft, comfy pants in wool fleece. Perfect around the campfire or beneath your shell on cold days. See the jacket here and the hoodie here.

GOTS certified
Designed with our Community
Made in Lithuania
1 free repair
  • Material+
  • Use and care+
  • Environment and footprint+
  • Pricing and production+

We strive for all our products to fit in any situation, so when it comes to areas of use the sky's the limit. Think of them as your go-to around the campfire, the first thing you put on when hitting the couch after a long hike, and a great friend under your shell on cold days. Other possible areas of use:

  • Warm up and cool down
  • On a walk with the in-law's
  • Post shred at the cabin
  • In the tent on cold nights
  • Extra warmth on cold chairlifts

A key part of the design phase was to create pants that last a long time. During development we focused on the many years of wear and tear they will undergo, and made sure to give them a timeless design. At the base of our design philosophy is the simple fact that there is no such thing as sustainable materials. The only thing that really makes an environmental difference is less consumption. For that reason, these pants are made with reinforcements in exposed areas that are easy to replace when necessary.

You've probably heard of fleece, but do you really know what it is? Opposite to what most people think, fleece isn't a fiber. The word actually describes the appearance of a material, and was originally used to describe part of the wool. By using wool fleece instead of polyester you receive all of the obvious advantages of wool. In addition, we are able to stick to natural materials. Last but not least, you get a comfortable garment with great insulation.

A downside of polyester is that it is made of oil and sheds micro plastic. Most people know this and still prefer polyester fleece because they think it breathes better as a mid-layer, but research shows that moisture is transported away from the body more efficiently when wearing a wool mid-layer. Not to mention, wool is "self cleaning" and doesn't get smelly like polyester. That means that you can wash a wool jacket less than a polyester jacket, which is good for your clothes and the planet.


  • Large side pockets with zippers
  • Back pocket with zipper
  • Waist with internal drawstring for a simple design and easy adjustments
  • Narrow fit around legs, good length, no cuff
  • Roomier around thighs and hips
  • Matching jacket (see here)

This product is made with durable materials and in a timeless design. This helps ensure that you can use it for many years, but its lifespan also depends on how you take care of it. If you take good care of your product and repair it when needed, you will be able to enjoy it for a very, very long time. We're here to help with that through Use More +, a service that gives you help on fixing and caring for your product, and one free repair of this product. Read more about Use More + here.

When Community members Jørgen Jevne and Trygve Ugelstad sent in the same idea of "camp pants" in 2021, we couldn't resist the urge to take it a step further with our Community. Read Jørgen and Trygve's ideas below.

"Pants for use in winter camps. Really just the same idea as Ziplongs® continued. There is a small vacuum of producers here today, with only a few good alternatives on the market. Full-length zippers are something you should be best at within the industry." - Jørgen Jevne

"I love bringing camp pants on trips. It would be cool to have one with the same concept as Ziplongs®. Even easier to take off before getting into a sleeping bag or putting on wet skin after getting out of a kayak. Should be a little thick, with a soft material on the inside. 1 or 2 pockets. Elastic waist. That would be awesome!" - Trygve Ugelstad

After developing and testing with our Community, the final product might not be exactly what Jørgen and Trygve originally envisioned. We think that this kind of development is part of what makes ideas so magical, and we are certain that the product will be a fantastic addition to the collection alongside The wool fleece jacket. If you want to help develop products in the future, join our Community here.

Do you want to see, feel and try on the products before purchasing? Visit us in the Folketeaterpassasjen in Oslo for a slightly different shopping experience. Entrance from Storgata and Youngstorget. Read more about our shop here.


This product is now in stock and ready to be worn on your next adventure.

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2 Testing phase
3 Decision phase
4 Production phase
5 Available
Lifetime service
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To make sure we make clothing that can last a lifetime, we need your feedback. In our Community you can contribute in the development of new and existing products. Have thoughts on anything we should do different, a cool story or maybe just a question about the product? Join our Community and the discussion below!


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