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Jacket in Ventile cotton, developed to be the last jacket you ever need to buy.

Read the FAQ here. See the pants here.

Ventile cotton
Matching pants
Tested and developed with our customers

Jacket in Ventile cotton, developed to be the last jacket you ever need to buy.

Read the FAQ here. See the pants here.

Ventile cotton
Matching pants
Tested and developed with our customers

Over the past two years, three rounds of The Last have been tested, evaluated and developed by around 150 people. Based on their feedback we have improved and developed today's version.

If you are interested in helping us develop these products, order your jacket above. (Order the pants here.) In return for your contribution we have lowered the price of the jacket (full price: 850 Euro).

The goal behind The Last is to create the only jacket you need on a road trip in the northern hemisphere. Imagine going on a trip without an agenda; you might go skiing, to the movies, climbing, hunting, cycling, sailing or just hang out in the sun. And imagine that you only have room for one jacket. That is what The Last will be. Many people can't imagine only owning one jacket. We're here to challenge that misconception. Own fewer clothes and pack less. That is the essence of our philosophy.

Read our entire design philosophy here.

The jacket is made in legendary organic Ventile. You can read more about the fabric here. Here are a few benefits:

Wind and water resistant
Ventile is great in any situation. The only exception might be hours of pouring rain, but a big part of Ventile's fame comes from the technology that keeps wind and water out. (It was originally developed for fire hoses.)

The fabric is relatively light and very breathable. Unlike GoreTex, Ventile is also comfortable against the skin.

Heat resistent
With Ventile you can sit as close to the campfire as you desire. Because it is 100% cotton, it is very heat resistent and will not melt. It also won't catch fire easily because the fabric has such high density.

Ventile is known for its patina – it ages well. That is also a key element in our design philosophy: Timeless. We have researched jackets from the past 100 years, and have reached a cut, design and color palette that won't go out of style for the next 100 years.

Our Lifetime service is a huge part of reducing consumption. This means that we repair Northern Playground garments free of charge. We also help you with maintenance tips and tricks for as long as possible.

Today, the price of The Last is heavily reduced. Becaue of its low price, we cannot offer free repairs. Although, we will do whatever we can to help you if anything happens to your garment, and share everything we know with you about maintenence and care.


1. Large hood that fits over helmets. Drawstring for adjustments in front and back.

4., 9. & 12. Reinforcements in shoulders, cuffs and elbows in ECO 400, a more robust material for better durability and extra protection from rain.

13. Water repellent YKK zippers make for easy ventilation under the arms.

15. Oblique cutting for extra protection around wrists.

Below is a summary of certain updates we have made to the products based on feedback from previous testers.

We have reinforced all weak points discovered during testing to ensure a more durable jacket. Testers also asked for less of a contrast between the color of the shoulder reinforcement and the main color of the jacket, which will be implemented in the next round. Reinforced areas:

  • A larger area on the shoulders and neck to protect from backpack straps
  • The seams between shoulders and arms to avoid water intake
  • Bottom edge

We have changed multiple elements to achieve a cleaner and more neutral design. For example:

  • The drawstring in the hood is now hidden for better protection and a nicer look
  • The velcro lift the back of the jacket is now hidden to avoid wear and for a cleaner design
  • Mesh has now been replaced by Ventile on the inside of the jacket to ensure a nicer design and less plastic
  • Zippers in the sides are removed. These were originally used to lift and air out the back, but the function can still be used without the zippers.

Last but not least, we made some practical changes to the jacket to make it more comfortable and functional. For example:

  • A "garage" has been added to the top of the zipper to avoid a cold and hard zipper resting against the chin
  • An extra pocket has been added to the pocket bag on the inside of the jacket for storing smaller items
  • The length of the jacket is now 3 cm shorter than the first rounds, after feedback from multiple testers. (The green jacket pictured is an even shorter version, and the next jacket will be slightly longer. See exact measurements in the size guide below.)
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  • + Pricing
  • + Production
  • + Use and care
  • + Service and returns
  • + Size chart


This product is now in stock and ready to be worn on your next adventure.

1 Design phase
2 Testing phase
3 Decision phase
4 Production phase
5 Available
Lifetime service
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To make sure we make clothing that can last a lifetime, we need your feedback. In our Community you can contribute in the development of new and existing products. Have thoughts on anything we should do different, a cool story or maybe just a question about the product? Join our Community and the discussion below!


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