The Turtleneck


Turtleneck in organic wool and silk. Just as perfect in the mountains as at the movies.

Turtleneck in organic wool and silk. Just as perfect in the mountains as at the movies.

72% GOTS-certified organic merino wool and 28% silk. Silk is very strong, making it possible for us to make this product with very thin, fine wool – without compromising the shirt's durability.

A key part of our design philosophy is that we don't care about trends. We design clothes that we genuinely believe will look good in 2, 10 and 100 years. Our goal is to design classics. Every. Time. That also means that our clothes have clean and simple designs, come in timeless colours and will never have big logos or illustrations.

For many years, our customers asked us to make a classic Turtleneck in organic wool and silk. In 2020 their wish finally came true, and the Turtleneck became a permanent part of our collection.

The cut is based off our popular Crew longsleeve, but to finish off the design we asked our Community to help us decide the length of the neck. The answer was pretty much unanimous, and we made the neck relatively short, but long enough to be folded down.

Read more about how we design and evaluate products with our Community, and join in on the fun here.

The Turtleneck is made with organic wool and silk. That means that there are strict requirements that need to be met throughout the whole value chain. Toxic chemicals are not used, the wool is mulesing-free and the garments are not treated with Superwash or other similar treatments. Read more about why we use organic wool and its advantages here.

Out biggest goal is to reduce overproduction. That means that what happens after you purchase a product needs to be just as important as how we make it. Because of that, the Turtleneck (and all our other products) comes with Lifetime service. That means that you get free repairs when necessary, as long as you promise to take good care of it and use it for as long as possible. Read more here.

Do you want to see, feel and try on the products before purchasing? Visit us in the Folketeaterpassasjen in Oslo for a slightly different shopping experience. Entrance from Storgata and Youngstorget. Read more about our shop here.

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This product is now in stock and ready to be worn on your next adventure.

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To make sure we make clothing that can last a lifetime, we need your feedback. In our Community you can contribute in the development of new and existing products. Have thoughts on anything we should do different, a cool story or maybe just a question about the product? Join our Community and the discussion below!


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