The Wool Fleece Jacket

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Wool fleece
GOTS certified
Designed with our Community

Soft and comfy jacket in wool fleece. Perfect as an outer layer around the campfire or under your shell on extra cold days. See the pants here.

The Wool Fleece Jacket

Soft and comfy jacket in wool fleece. Perfect as an outer layer around the campfire or under your shell on extra cold days. See the pants here.

Wool fleece
GOTS certified
Designed with our Community
Free shipping on orders over 120 EUR. Always free returns.
  • Material+
  • Use and care+
  • Environment and footprint+
  • Pricing and production+

We try to make sure that all our products can be worn in pretty much any situation, so really your imagination is the only one setting boundaries for what this jacket can be used for. Think of it as your go-to around the campfire, the first thing you put on when hitting the couch after a long hike, and a great friend under your shell on cold days. Other possible areas of use:

  • Climbing at the crag
  • Walking the dog
  • Sipping hip coffee with a date
  • Eating waffles at your mother-in-law's
  • Under your shell on the slopes
  • In your sleeping bag at sunrise at 61°27′41″N 7°52′19″Ø

A key part of the design phase was to create a jacket that lasts a long time. During development we focused on the many years of wear and tear it will undergo, and made sure to give it a timeless design. At the base of our design philosophy is the simple fact that there is no such thing as sustainable materials. The only thing that really makes an environmental difference is less consumption. This jacket is therefore made with reinforcements in exposed areas that are easy to replace when necessary.

We are always looking to improve every product in our collection, but when it comes to new products like this we are especially excited to hear what you think. In hopes that you will contribute your feedback, we have lowered the price of this first batch of jackets. The products will receive their normal price after the next round of production (around 230 Euro). More information about how to give feedback will be available after purchase.

You've probably heard of fleece, but do you really know what it is? Opposite to what most people think, fleece isn't a fiber. The word actually describes the appearance of a material, and was originally used to describe part of the wool. By using wool fleece instead of polyester you receive all of the obvious advantages of wool. In addition, we are able to stick to natural materials. Last but not least, you get a comfortable garment with great insulation.

A downside of polyester is that it is made of oil and sheds micro plastic. Most people know this and still prefer polyester fleece because they think it breathes better as a mid-layer. Research from Austria referred to in Randulf Valles book "Why Does Being Wet Make You Feel So Cold" clearly shows that moisture is transported away from the body more efficiently when wearing a wool mid-layer. Try it yourself! Not to mention, wool is "self cleaning" and doesn't get smelly like polyester. That means that you can wash a wool jacket far less than a polyester jacket, and save both your clothes and the planet.


  • Long and comfortable neck
  • Side pockets with zippers
  • Chest pocket with room for cell phone
  • Subtle logo on chest pocket
  • Replaceable reinforcement on elbows
  • Replaceable reinforcement in cuffs
  • Hidden thumb hole
  • Matching pants (see here)

In winter of 2021 we were sent the idea to create a pair of "camp pants" through our idea portal. We were immediately excited about the thought of finally offering mid-layers, and quickly decided to develop a matching jacket as well.

As with many of our products we decided to develop this one with our Community. This gives us valuable input and ensures that we implement elements our customers want, and exclude details no one needs. For example, we removed the hood that was originally part of the product after asking the Community. (We know many of you still want this, so stay tuned in the future!) If you want to take part in developing future garments, join our Community here.

Do you want to see, feel and try on the products before purchasing? Visit us in the Folketeaterpassasjen in Oslo for a slightly different shopping experience. Entrance from Storgata and Youngstorget. Read more about our shop here.


This product is now in stock and ready to be worn on your next adventure.

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To make sure we make clothing that can last a lifetime, we need your feedback. In our Community you can contribute in the development of new and existing products. Have thoughts on anything we should do different, a cool story or maybe just a question about the product? Join our Community and the discussion below!


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