Long-johns in organic wool and silk. Perfect for in the mountains or by the fireplace.

72% organic wool and 28% silk
Made in Europe
Free repairs

Long-johns in organic wool and silk. Perfect for in the mountains or by the fireplace.

72% organic wool and 28% silk
Made in Europe
Free repairs

Never discounts?
We don't do discounts. That makes it possible for us to make garments that last, with high quality and lifetime service. But because we sell the same products year in and year out, we are constantly trying to improve both the design and the quality. After improvements like these, it's hard to proudly sell the old versions at full price – especially when they aren't quite at the level of quality we want to offer. We have received feedback from customers that has made is aware that the Longs isn't at the quality level we want to offer, and we have now ordered a new and improved batch.

We are constantly discussing if we should be true to our idea of not giving discounts, or if we should be transparent and tell you that certain products aren't quite up to par, and cut the price in an "in between phase". Two good principles go head to head. What we know for certain is that products should be used and not dust away at a warehouse. The conclusion: we have now cut the price of Longs from 90 Euros to 48 Euros. Think of it as the exception that proves the rule.

For the first four years, Northern Playground only made long-johns with zippers – Ziplongs®. So, when it finally came to making a long-john without zippers, the process was a little bittersweet. Luckily, we used the world's best combination of materials, wool and silk, for the new long-johns, so it's all good.

The longs are made with organic wool and silk. That means that there are strict requirements that need to be met throughout the whole value chain. Toxic chemicals are not used, the wool is mulesing-free and the garments are not treated with Superwash or other similar treatments, to name a few examples. Read more about why we use organic wool and its advantages here.

Design philosophy
An important part of our design philosophy is designing garments that can be worn in many different situations. The longs are perfect for under your hiking pants or for cozying up at the cabin. Many of our customers also use them as an extra layer under Ziplongs® on cold days.

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This product is now in stock and ready to be worn on your next adventure.

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Lifetime service
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